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Our furniture is important to us. We eat, sleep, lounge, work, and play on it throughout our lives. We also spend quite a bit of money on our furniture, so we want to get the most, and best usage out of it. Whether we buy inexpensive and simple pieces that are strictly functional, or expensive, custom made pieces that are of the finest quality, we have money and time invested in these items. Sunny Carpet Cleaning knows this, and that’s why we provide best quality upholstery cleaning for residential and commercial clients all over Santee, California.

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Q: Just how does deep cleaning your furniture upholstery make your furniture last longer?

A: Furniture upholstery that is soiled from ground-in dirt and grime begins to break down when the imbedded debris starts eating away at the woven fabric. This effect is compounded with continual use from sitting and lying on the upholstery; further grinding the dirt in. When you have your upholstery deep cleaned professionally, the process of fabric wear down is stopped until the furniture becomes soiled again.

Q: Isn’t vacuuming my couch cushions and washing my bedspread good enough? What can your company do that my trusty household vacuum cleaner can’t?

A: Sunny Carpet Cleaning heartily recommends periodic household vacuuming, washing, and blotting up of spills. These actions go a long way towards making your next professional cleaning farther away in the future. Unfortunately, these actions alone are not enough to keep your upholstered furniture from being damaged, faded, and even ruined, in the long term. Most household vacuum cleaners lack the suction power and tools needed to get your furniture fabric its very cleanest. At Expert Carpet Cleaning in Santee, we use high-powered commercial-grade equipment, and gentle, but effective cleaning solutions to get your upholstered fabric to it’s very cleanest level since brand new.

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Over time, all manner of dirt, grime and debris can accumulate in your furniture upholstery. With regular usage, your furniture fabric can contain:

  • Food particles – ketchup, chocolate, crumbs, cooking vapors, oil
  • Ink and bits of paint
  • Spilled drinks – coffee, wine, tea, beer
  • Grease and oil
  • Dust mites and other tiny organisms
  • Dead insects and flies
  • Dander – human and pet
  • Drywall dust
  • Body fluids – sweat, urine, blood
  • Hair – human and pet
  • Dust particles from foot traffic and outside air
  • and many other items!

If moisture is present in the weave, mold and mildew can develop and thrive, right inside your furniture!

While long lasting furniture is a good side effect of having clean upholstery, another by-product of professional cleanings is better health. Dirt and debris in your upholstery can lead to sneezing, headaches, itchy skin, runny nose and eyes, headaches, sleeplessness and
other physical maladies. If you already suffer from asthma or allergies, the symptoms can increase significantly if you are living with dirty upholstery.

Call Now: (619) 754-4564