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Sunny Tile and Grout Cleaning

First impressions are important in life. For example, picture yourself taking a client to dinner, or, going out on a date with your special someone. You arrive at the restaurant, and as you walk to your table, you notice dirty tile and grout floors. Would you come back to a place like this? Do you even want to stay for tonight’s dinner?

Sunny Carpet Cleaning has been quietly providing expert tile and grout cleaning services in the local area since 2003. This service is one of our most requested ones, and for good reason too.

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If cleaning tile and grout were easy, no one would have to hire a professional company like ours. Instead, people go to great lengths to get their tile and grout floors, walls, and counter-tops back to their original cleanness and brightness. While some customers rely on strong detergents and “elbow grease,” others rent floor cleaning machines from their local supermarkets, and others still, call the advertised specials in their newspaper fliers for help. Unfortunately, the success rate of these methods is dismal.

Q: Why is tile and grout so hard to clean?

A: The tile itself is usually not hard to clean. Most ceramic tile is glazed during production and this makes cleaning easy. It is the adjoining grout that causes most of the frustration.

Grout is a highly porous material, and should always be sealed upon installation. It is when this sealant wears off, or is not applied at all, that the cleaning problems begin.

Because grout is so porous, it rapidly absorbs whatever it comes into contact with:

  • Soap scum
  • Detergents
  • Dirt and grime
  • Spilled liquids
  • Food particles

The more you try and clean this build-up, the more it continues to absorb, and your grout lines become dirtier, and more blackened than ever. Of course, bacteria and germs are rampant here, so now you have unsightly grout lines, as well as a health hazard.

Call Now: (619) 754-4564

Q: What can Sunny Carpet Cleaning do to get my tile and grout clean again?

A: Our very experienced tile and grout technicians use an effective combination of eco-friendly soaps, cleaning methods and special equipment to thoroughly clean your tile and grout. We of course, re-seal your grout lines to keep them fresher and cleaner longer. Before we leave your location, we give you valuable tips to help you maintain your newly cleaned tile and grout.

Santee Expert Carpet Cleaning can also re-grout your tile areas if the original grout is deteriorating and coming out. Of course, this new grout will be sealed as well.

Q: What about stone tiles? Can you clean these as well?

A: Yes – our company specializes in the cleaning and care of tiles and slabs made of travertine, marble, limestone, onyx, granite, jasper and many other natural and manmade materials. Now you can enjoy clean and bright walls, floors, and counter-tops in your bathrooms, kitchens, entry foyers, and commercial locations with expert and professional tile and grout cleaning and care from Sunny Carpet Cleaning. Call us for a free estimate, or for your next appointment. We take a dirty and unpopular job, and turn it into something clean, and beautiful!

Call Now: (619) 754-4564